Love at First Sight...

Love at First Sight...
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Toss up Tuesday....

who licked the red off of your lollipop...

i woke up this morning in the worst mood ever. for me that is rare. i am a morning person and me waking up has NEVER been as issue. today, not so much. i was pissed off this morning and for no apparent reason. i got up this morning and got ready for work. i did the usual, i showered, painted my face and actually today i did not flat iron my hair. i pulled my hair back into a PONYTAIL. yup a ponytail. if i were back at home my hair would have been cut and styled by mr.g and never at a length to actually sport a pony tail. and i am kinda' liking the pulled back ponytail. this is like the 2nd time i have worn a ponytail here. now, next week i am suppose to have my hair cut and if i cut it i wont have the option of wearing a pony tail on the days i don't want to flat iron it. (okay, i have totally gotten off the subject - back to my day) i made a skype call to my mom. i explained to her that i was really annoyed and that i was sick of working and was ready to stop working and become the fabulous rich woman that i am meant to be. my mom's exact words were "who licked the red off of your lollipop this morning?" and then she asked "well are ya' home sick?" i then had no answers. and then i realized how insane i must have sound and before i realized it, it was time for me to gather my belongings and get to work. i'll figure out the rich part later.

getting it on...

when i finished my pep talk with my mom i had just enough time to gather my belongings and walk out the front door. i arrived to work and had a fabulous day! nothing else to mention about it. it was just a really good day.

lose my breath..

so, after work i headed home and had dinner and watched another movie. tonight i watched "The Proposal" and it was a really cute movie. after seeing the nude scene with sandra bullock in the bathroom and walking into the bedroom in search of a towel. i suddenly got the "urge" to get serious about my "body." i actually went to the dirty clothes hamper (why there? well, because all of my sweats were in there and i did not have time to do laundry and that is besides the point) i grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. i rolled out my yoga mat (which i got yesterday) and i did aerobics exercise for about 3o mins. actually it was 46 mins but i deducted 16mins from the numerous times i had to all but give myself cpr. i am so outta' shape it's not even funny. so, since i plan to marry rich and be a kept woman i have literally 1 year and about 8 months to get it right and that is more than enough time.


so, after my half ass attempt to work out, i actually feel pretty good. i played beyonce's single ladies and lets just say i know that song burned atleast 400 calories. i played the actual video and did the dance moves. lets just say if i did that song and the dances to that song atleast 4 times a day i will be so super sexy in no time. well, that and cut out the pizza and cookies. which i have already done. im excited! i am almost so super jealous of myself. the old shayla is coming back! and i cant wait to see her again.

nothing else and nothing new...

my day was great, nothing too exciting and nothing fun. just another great day! it began a little rocky but it quickly smoothed out.

until next time...


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday November 15th

Yes, so it has been about 2 weeks since my last blog and I have clearly not been posting my blogs as often as I have stated the last few blogs.

Oh well, what can I do? Not a damn thing but post a blog today.

So, because I can never seem to remember anything more than 2 days out, I will only really blog about today and maybe even yesterday I won't get into the past couple of weeks because I simply just cant remember it. This is one of the reasons why I take so many pictures. So, if you want to know what has happened in the past two weeks check out my photos on my fbook page.

Alright, today I did absolutely nothing and that is exactly what I wanted to do. I stayed in my apartment the entire day. Well, I did open the door for the Delivery Guy. Which by the way I shouldn't have ordered anything considering that my midsection is quite chubby. But hell, I will just deal with that tomorrow.

So, what did I do all day long. Not a damn thing is what I did. I got up around noon. I did not Wash my face, I did not put on any clothes and I did not even attempt to open the curtains in my bedroom. I turned on my laptop and Skyped an old friend. We chit chatted for a little over an hour. And I realized that I really should keep in contact with some of the friends that I have met over the years. Now, I am not one to have a million and one friends. I have never been that way. But, it is good to have a few good friends. And from now on I think I will remind myself of that every so often. So we chit chatted for a few and had an "adult conversation." You know the type of conversation that you have with someone and they are just as interested in what you are doing as you are in what they are doing. A conversation where you are actually conversing. You are not listening to the other person talking on and on about their silly life and their silly problems. But an actual conversation where you are engaged with one another. I call that an "adult conversation." Now don't get me wrong, I have had that in S Korea. Surprisingly I have met good people that I could and would definitely keep in contact with when this traveling thing is all said and done. And those people I have established friendships with and others it's not that important to me and I simply just wont waste my time. So, my friend and I chatted for awhile and I then thought okay what next.

Well, then I got an email from a family friend asking how things were going here and was I ever going to return to a career in Fashion. And then I thought shit, now what. So, I spent the next 45 minutes thinking about my future. Oh lord! Yes my future. Should I stay and do this Korean thing. Should I pursue a Fashion Career here? Should I return back to my fabulous place in Florida or should I return to America and move to the Big Apple? I don't know. My mother and I just spoke about appearances the other day and when you work in the fashion industry. It is all an Image game. You have to look the part from head to toe. Its been awhile since I have worked in Fashion and or Photography. Since I have gained, lost and gained weight. So, then I realized if I truly want to return to that superficial world I gotta get my Sexy Back. And then I realized is that really that important to me anymore? And I have realized "Hell yea!" So what am I going to do. I gotta get serious! That's what I got to do. I have a little over a year to get right and get it back to shape. How in the hell am I going to do that? Well, cut backs will be a bitch but it better be worth it!

Then what... so after I had a heart to heart I remembered that I discovered a really cool Movie Website and decided to watch a movie. I turned on the "Hangover" and laughed hysterically! That was a hilarious movie.

Okay, so aside from that not a damn thing happened today and that is exactly how I liked it. My Mom has brought to my attention that I curse a lot. I told her no way, I am a lady and a classy lady doesn't curse like a damn sailor. Oops I guess I am not as classy as I thought. I guess I do curse a lot. Well, if I offend any damn body while they are reading my damn blog. That's too damn bad!!!

Okay so, nothing exciting, nothing fun just another good day!

Until next time,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Long time no B-L-O-G

okay, so before i begin i must say that my intentions were good, really they were. i mentioned in the last blog that i would not be posting a blog once a week (too much info to try to recall in one sitting and that i would be doing it atleast twice a week). that didn't work out like i planned. but i think i am back on track and from here on out i will be posting a blog much more often than once a week.

i won't bore everyone to tears with the day by day and minute by minute details of the past 2 wks. i have been ill and i have been busy and it's too much to get into. so, i will start with today.

waking up shayla on tuesday's...

so, last night was quite chilly and for the life of me i can not seem to figure out how to work the digital floor heating unit in my korean apartment. it seems as easy as walking over to the thermostat and turning it on right? um yea okay. not so much. so much more complicated when the instructions are in korean. so needless to say i don't know how i slept so comfortably in my chilly apt last night. but apparently i did because i was so knocked out when my blackberry/ alarm went off very early this morning.

now right now???

i eased out of bed this morning and shut off my blackberry alarm. and like i do every single morning. i look at the clock look at my hands and point to each finger as i manually count each hour, minute and second of how much sleep time i can get in before i have to be to work (of course figuring the time it takes to get ready). this morning, unlike most mornings i actually decided not to put my alarm on snooze and i slowly went into the bathroom turned on the shower and got in and continued the daily routine of getting ready for work (painted my face, half ass flat ironed my hair and layered on about 6 pieces of clothing and ran out the door and as usual i was in a rush to hail my cab.

working it out...

today like most days was a really good day. no complaints. oh actually i almost forgot. so you know how i refer to my blackberry as the blackberry/alarm clock well yesterday i had the pleasure of finding out that the entire time i have been in s korea it has actually served more than just an alarm clock. ha, i totally forgot to change the settings on it so that it automatically goes into "wifi"mode when there is no service available. lord and behold for some strange reason the other day (sunday) i for some reason (God) walked over to the table that my phone has been on since the day i have arrived and picked it up and went to the options icon and turned on the wifi and it had a signal! i was shocked. for some reason i assumed it had no coverage but because i am still under my t-mobile contract i carried my phone to use only for emergencies during my travels in s korea. so, i hadn't thought to turn it on because i wouldn't really need to use it. ( i skype it up). so when i try to find a wifi connection all of the wifi subscribers have locks on their wifi so i wasn't sure if it was actually going to work. so before i headed to work i stuck the phone in my purse and figured that i would try it outside of the building. and when i got to work i heard a tmobile jingle and my heart skipped a beat. my phone was letting me know that i had wifi access and i got a ton of messages on phone that hadn't been retrieved in months! of course i dont open the messages because i am sure it is quite expensive so i do what anyone does when the find out their phone is working i make a call! of course i do! shayla isn't that going to be expensive and why would you do that? well, i just had to see if it was actually really working. so i called my mom. and my intentions were just to let it ring and then hang up. but the ring was so pleasant that i let it continue to ring until i heard my mom's voice. so what did she say when she recognized my old phone number she answered "why are you calling me on your cell phone?" of course i said..."just checking it out...gotta go bye" i was tickled pink. now why was i so excited about this? i do not know. and now that have finished this blog. i dont really know why i have spend the last few minutes spending so much time on this topic.

okay...well thats that

so, nothing really new, nothing really exciting and until next time...


ring ring...