Love at First Sight...

Love at First Sight...
Lanvin Happy Mini Pop Bag

Saturday, August 8, 2009

sunday sit-in...

before i knew it...
so, last night i went to bed pretty late last night. i did a power point and created lesson plans and so on. before i knew it, it was early sunday morning as i was heading to bed. now, before i closed my eyes i debated back and forth with myself, whether i should turn off my blackberry (which by the way is only used for the games, the time and the alarm clock). now, if i had turned off the blackberry, i may not have remembered to turn it back on come monday morning. and if i left it on it would wake me up very early sunday morning and i really wanted to sleep in.

the early bird catches the worm and the smart bird catches more sleep...
yup, so the decision i made was to grab my blackberry turn back the covers and tuck it in with me. that way, when it goes off at the crack of dawn, instead of me frantically running from the bed to the desk waking me up even more, i can just grab my phone shut off the alarm roll over and got back to sleep without missing a beat.

smartest thing i've done...
so, of course when i got up this morning, i felt refreshed and energized. and of course it was so super hot and the sun light was coming directly into the room.

sunlight and super hot...
so, you may ask well why not just close the blinds, that would keep the light from shining into the room. um, nope not so much. i dont have blinds. i have one of those shades that you pull down and that doesn't block the intensity of the korean sun from shining in.

how sunny is sunny...
well, the sun is usually up by i believe 5:30 am. yes, that early. back in the states at 5:30 am it is still pitch black and there is no light anywhere unless you are driving down the road and someone has their bright lights on.

how do you sleep...
good question, what i do is cover my eyes with my fancy eye mask. courtesy of korean air!

so what about the heat...
again, the a/c is controlled by the building. i have no control yes i can go to my a/c button and press a/c but if the majority of the building does not feel the same you wont get a/c. i know. i know.

so then what...
so, today is sunday, and i got up brushed my teeth, washed my face and did what i do best, got on the internet of course. checked my emails and that was about it. i decided to do my laundry. so, i threw on my favorite shorts in the world and a zip up fancy hoodie and my flip flops and took my clothes to the laundry room. what was that like? actually the washers are the same as in the states. they were not fancy or complicated and it was actually written in English. thank GOD for that. i put my clothes on the wash cycle and headed to where else. the GS25 baby!!!!

on my plate..
so when i got to gs25 i was undecided. i am so over the triangle sushi pieces i don't want that for atleast another 2 days. so i decided to get my other favorite thing. noodles. i got my noodles, a great big bottle of water (hopefully to flush out the extra fat in my cankles, legs, face and feet), and a big peice of an individually wrapped strawberry pastry.

to my surprise...
so, when i got back to my room. i opened my peice of luggage to stick something in there and to my surprise there was a green tea blueberry crystal light...omg, you would have thought i hit the lottery. now, i know i am in korea and they have the real deal here. there is no tea like the tea that you get in asia. but i'm sorry that box of crystal light green tea that i got from publix was darn good! when i discovered my little treasure, i grabbed an old water bottle (the one that i have been using for a water bottle that was originally filled with corn juice) and i headed to the water fountain.

away i go...
i got to the water fountain and at the counter i carefully opened (didn't want to spill that precious green tea powder) and i ever so gently poured that fake green tea powder in my corn juice bottle
and anxiously filled it with water. i then stood there and shook that bottle with all of my might. wanting to be sure i got every peice of powder mixed into my former bottle of corn juice.

free atlast...
hmmm hmmm hmmm, that crystal light green tea powder mix was so super good. i savored every gulp. i tried to drink just a little and save the rest. but i figured it may be best to get my belly filled with that.

now what...
so, i had my fake tea, ate my noodles, washed my clothes, dried my clothes, folded my clothes, facebooked, emailed, had my strawberry pastry and put my clothes away. and decided today, i dont want to do anything. maybe i will read my e lynn harris book (the one i got to read on the plane that i havent had a chance to crack open yet) or maybe i will attempt to steal another peek at one of my bootleg movies from this really cool website. or maybe i will sleep most of the day. i havent decided but one thing i will do is be in my room all day. doing nothing. just like old times back in the states. you know a day where you just bum around.

*no tax on anything
*no papertowels (instead they use toilet tissue-yes a roll of tissue may be on your table)
*electric toilets
*rice with every meal
*kimchi with every meal
*cars that i have never heard of
*the women here wear heels with everything and everwhere. when i went to the folk village women were in 3 inch heels. when were were in the park yesterday women were in 3 inch heels. now, everyone who knows me knows i love my shoes. but i will also, put on a pair converse or flip flops depending on the occasion. here that is unheard of the women wear heels everywhere. hiking up a mountain, in heels. (i kid you not)
*the younger women seem very polite and very humble they smile all the time
*the older women seem grumpy
*there aren't a lot of stray animals
*the restaurants take your order and give you the bill on the spot (there is no waiting for the end results)
*everyone looks really young
*there are no delivery cars, instead, delivery mopeds
*instead of crossing the street you are suppose to take the underground crossing (you go underground walk across and come up on the other side of the street-this is actually pretty cool)
*the honor system is heavily relied on
*you get free things if you are polite and friendly. (so far i have gotten a free belt and food)
*there is a tall, long hill every where you go

okay, i am sure once i post this i will think of much more. this is my daily blog. it is kinda early but i think i am going to take a nap and rest for the remainder of the day.



  1. Wow! what a difference a mere 13 hours and a few thousand miles make!
    Very interesting culture. You write and sound (all phone calls) as if you are right at home. Living in Asia has been a dream of yours, since you were a kid. Most folk children want to live in another house, another city, or another state. But, oh no, not my child... When you said you wanted to get away, you really got away, didn't you.
    Well the good things are...the Lord answered all of your prays (referencing this relocation), you've acquired a "brand new" set of friends, left a lot of friends behind, (amazingingly, they are all still in touch, last but not least, you met a cute "little old" man, who thought enough of you to load you up with goodies.
    Baby, your life just keeps getting better and better.
    My advice....LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! Because where you are right now, is exactly where you are suppose to be.
    Take in each day, savor every moment, enjoy every second and Thank God for each minute of every hour.
    It's because of HIM that you are sooo content and super happy. I'm happy for you.
    But, I have to admit, weekends, shopping, swimming, dinning, or just just not the same, without you! Heeeyyy, but, I ain't mad at yah!
    Love you!

  2. Wow, love the detail. I will be sure to be extra polite when I arrive next week so I can get some freebies! LOL How did you like Suwon when you were there?